Thank you for checking out our page. You may have an idea about what life coaching has done for you or another person you know, but life coaching for teens might be a bit new for some of you. So we wanted to take some time and introduce ourselves and what we can offer to the teens or young adults in your life.  First thing first, how to say Ginomai...just think, 'Gin-oh-my'. Yes, that simple.  It means "to become" or "to come into being". 


Ginomai Adolescent & Young Adult Life Coaching provides services to teens through young adults, ages 15 -25. Our life coaching purpose is to help young people move from where they are currently to where they desire or need to be in the future.  That's right we are in the business of helping our clients become or bring into being their potential. In addition, we inspire our clients to become individuals who demonstrate self-respect, integrity, confidence and leadership at home, school/work and in the community.  


We know you may have some additional questions and so feel free to check out the rest of our site. ​We also love talking with parents, guardians and of course potential clients, so feel free to give us a call or shoot an email. All of our contact information is on our contact page.

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Thelia Buchanan

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