You may think or even feel at times as though everyone else around you is moving in the right direction while things for you are appearing to go nowhere. Truth is that often times feeling uncertain or even a little nervous about trying something new is part of becoming your own person. By working with a Ginomai Life Coach you will begin the process of freely expressing and facing your doubts and fears in an environment where self-discovery is welcomed. 

Life Coaching Benefits for Young Adults:
There are many benefits to talking with and processing through your life goals or ideas with a Ginomai Life Coach. Some benefits are as follows:
~ Improving ability to set better boundaries with family, friends and in the workplace 
~ Gaining clarity about professional or career goals so you can land in your desired career
~ Improving time management and organization strategies so you can get more done with less stress
~ Improving performance at work or in college/school so you can get the best results
~ Improving self-management skills so you can become more independent and take more control of your life

If any of these, sound like things you want to do or change about your life, then contacting Ginomai to set up an appointment should be your next step. You can reach Ginomai Adolescent & Young Adult Life Coaching at 443-938-3223 or send a message by going to the Contact page.

Appointment Scheduling & Options:
After your session, you will be asked if you are interested in continuing to work with your Ginomai Life Coach, if yes, then you and the coach will setup your next session before you leave.

We have morning, afternoon and evening hours to accommodate early or midday risers and those who may be freer in the evening after school or work. Our current service area is in Baltimore and Howard counties.

What to expect during a Ginomai Life Coaching Session?
As a young adult, your Ginomai life coaching experience is sure to be a unique one, however, one component used regularly in coaching is the method of asking questions. So expect your life coaching time to be spent answering questions pertaining to you and your targeted goals. Also, you can expect to receive a goal related assignment at the end of each session. This assignment can be one that requires you to either reflect on something discovered during the session or can be your completing a particular task before your next session. When you return for a follow up session, expect to be asked for updates. We love celebrating progress with our young adult clients regardless of how small you may think your steps are, if you are moving forward then you are one step closer to successfully completing your goal(s).


If you are ready to get started on your life change and reaching your life goal(s), then contact Ginomai Life Coaching to set up an appointment. You can reach us at 443-938-3223 or send a message directly to us by visiting our Contact page.​​

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