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Thelia Buchanan

Thank you, Mrs. Buchanan, for helping my son. He now has a life plan and hope for a brighter future.

                                                  - Mr. Wilson, Parent of 12th grader

Hello Parents, Teens & Young Adults!

My name is Thelia Buchanan. I have over 20+ years of experience working with youth and young adults with mental health, behavioral and academic challenges. My experience has allowed me to work in many places and to go by many titles such as Group Home Caseworker, Family Support Specialist, Juvenile Counselor, Mentor, Advocate and now a Youth & Young Adult Life Coach. 


Before becoming a life coach, I have always been one to ask young people one question: So what’s the plan? Once your senior year in high school or college is done, where are you headed in life? The response to this question over the years is one of the main reasons for my picking youth through young adults as my desired life coaching group. Through my experience, I have met many young people with the potential to do great things and who wanted to be successful, but due to their life choices or circumstances outside of their control, they just never seemed able to show their best to themselves and others. As a result of not knowing what to plan or how to plan, some totally give up by quitting an important life step or goal (for example not finishing school or a trade school program etc.). Then there are those who push their way to graduation, only to find themselves in dead-end jobs or just hanging out with no real plan for the future. I have received countless calls from former counseling clients wanting help figuring out what to do now that they graduated from high school or college. I have also received calls from parents who were concerned and desired help for their daughter or son to get their life in order.

Looking back, one could say that I saw a need and so I took my own professional ‘medicine’. I looked at the challenge set before me, made a plan, and worked the plan so that I could become a certified life coach for youth and young adults. As a full-time life coach, I am now able to dedicate even more time to helping young people build their plan while being available to coach them through steps so they can boldly walk their plan out and reach their goals successfully. My favorite part of life coaching young people is seeing them go from not so sure about their life path to becoming one who can voice their true feelings and dreams. And I consider it a blessing to join them in the journey of discovering exactly who they are, the gifts they possess and where they can make a difference in life.

Well, that’s a little about me. I am looking forward to meeting each of you and to learning more about you and how we can work at turning your potential into success. Let’s talk, plan and get you moving towards your life’s best. See you soon. 


~ Thelia aka Coach B 

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Thelia Buchanan

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