Thank you, Coach B, for all you’ve done for my peers and me. I am very grateful for …the lessons that you taught us during life coach group at our school. THANK YOU!!! 


                                          – Camille, 9th grade

“Thank you, Coach Buchanan, for helping me realize certain things about myself, and thank you for giving me a very much needed push.”


                                          – Gerald, 10th grade

What’s the Difference between a Life Coach & a Therapist?

One of the biggest differences is your purpose for seeking their assistance.  Do you need to go back to your past in order to heal or deal with something so you can move forward ? Or is it something in your life right now that is keeping you from moving forward? 

A therapist is helpful in assisting you identify if something from your past is keeping you from moving forward.  They can help you deal with things like past or current abuse, unresolved grief, ongoing depression or anxiety issues. Therapists are also able to figure out if something more than just talking about the problem will help you move forward. For example, in addition to talk therapy a client may be referred by a therapist to a psychiatrist who may then prescribe medication to help improve or manage the client’s mental or emotional health.  

As for Life Coaches, our focus is on how to help you move forward too, but we are looking at things from a very different angle.  We spend more time helping you to look at what is in front of you not what you left behind you. A life coach is more interested in hearing about how she or he can help you move yourself from your today into where you want to be next. For example, you may be stuck due to not knowing what steps to take or may not be getting very much done due to having way more on your to do list than humanly possible. When you work with a life coach you will be expected to do your part in motivating and moving yourself forward which is not an easy thing to do if you are not mentally and emotionally healthy. That said, it is very important that one considers which professional may be the best starting place for getting help.

So…if you are a young adult or if you are a parent or guardian caring for a youth who is...

...dealing with unexplained crying spells, extreme mood swings or

...struggling with addiction or

...dealing with self-harming behaviors (i.e. cutting) or

...dealing with an abusive relationship or

...dealing with suicidal feelings…

then setting an appointment with therapist would be a better place to start. 


BUT…if you are a young adult or a parent or guardian of a youth who… 

...desire to move forward with life goals and want someone to help keep him or her on track

...has already dealt with and received treatment for mental health and now ready to work on life skills or goals

...are tired of hearing your friends and family ‘nag’ you about moving forward, but have no idea as to how to get started...

then you are a perfect candidate for life coaching. If you are that person or a parent or guardian of that person, then check out the rest of this site to learn how Ginomai Life Coaching for Adolescent and Young Adults can help.

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