The adolescent years although fun and carefree at times can be a very tumultuous period for many teens. There is the social awkwardness while still trying to define yourself, the trying to define yourself while having to follow the rules of others and then while you are following the rules of others you are being told that you need to be a leader not a follower.  It can all be as confusing and frustrating for the teen as it is for the well-meaning and loving adult caring for them.

Although there are teens who appear to land on their feet and do well, there are others who find themselves sidelined or unable to navigate themselves to a better place.  Their parents, teachers, friends and others see their potential and have done their best to encourage them, they are just not able to get themselves unstuck or moving towards success. 


Ginomai Life Coaching Benefits for AdolescentsOne of the great advantages to working with a Ginomai Life Coach is that helping youth is what we do all day every day, so we are youth friendly. We understand them and relate well with them. Our life coaching style is nurturing and supportive which provides an additional safe place for your son or daughter to share their thoughts and fears all while having another caring adult, help them journey through the life changes he or she may be facing at that time. Some additional benefits for having your son or daughter meet with a Ginomai Life Coach are as follows:

~ Discovering hidden strengths 

~ Learning strategies for combating stress
~ Identifying a post high school career & life plan
~ Learning and utilizing life skills
~ Improving self esteem
~ Improving grades at school
~ Improving work ethics at school, home and at work

~ And becoming aware of what they do to help or hurt their success

What to expect during a Ginomai Life Coaching Session?
Ginomai’s Youth Life Coaching sessions, though different and unique for each client, include components that are present in every session. Some of these components are questions about your teen’s desires/goals, questions about their progress in meeting their identified goal and self-awareness activities which in most cases will be assigned as take home reflective assignments. These activities may be assigned as a reflective reading, journal entries, an assessment/questionnaire or any other format the coach may find appropriate for enhancing your teen’s Ginomai Life Coaching experience. The whole idea is to get your teen from a place of feeling overwhelmed or self-doubting to one of responding to his/her life change with a “I can do this” mindset. 

Appointment Scheduling & Options:
We want your teen to feel comfortable with their life coach and to have an opportunity to sample the life coaching process themselves.  Towards the end of their first session which includes an assessment, your teen will be asked if they are interested in continuing to work with their Ginomai Life Coach, if yes, then a follow-up session will be scheduled.

We are able to accommodate the busy schedules of both parents and youth by having day, afternoon and evening hours. Our current service area is in Baltimore and Howard counties. 


If your teen could benefit from having some life coaching, then give Ginomai Adolescent & Young Adult Life Coaching a call at 443-938-3223 or email us by visiting our contact page.

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